Before and After Treatment

Frontal Intraoral

FIbefore 100FIAfter 100


Openbite: Front teeth don't touch

ACbefore 100ACafter 100

Patients exhibit an open bite in the anterior(front) teeth and a crossbite in the posterior(back) teeth. Patient did not want orthognathic surgery to correct bite so she was treated by expanding the upper arch and removing two lower bicuspids.

Underbite: Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth

cmbefore 100cmafter 100

Very large underbite. Patient was missing two upper teeth. Lower teeth were moved back under uppers. Patient did not have surgery but did have two lower teeth removed to allow retraction of lower anterior teeth.

Crowding of teeth

DNbefore 100Dnafter 100

Patient had crowding and was treated to a nice full smile without removing any teeth. 

Mishaped teeth and overcrowding

FTbefore 100FTafter 100

Patient had fractured front tooth and other front tooth 50% too wide.  Teeth were recontoured and crowding corrected without any teeth extracted. 

Overbite and crowding

JSbefore 100Jsafter 100

Patient had overbite and crowding.  Crowding was corrected with braces and overbite was corrected with orthodontic orthopedic appliance.

Skeletal underbite

KBbefore 100KBafter 100

Patient had large underbite.  He was treated with braces and orthognathic surgery.  There was no removal of teeth.  Results were good with a nice full smile.

Crowded upper and lower teeth

MMbefore 100MMafter 100

Crowded upper and lower teeth.  Upper and lower midlines were off.  Posterior left crossbite.  Patient treated by expansion no removal of teeth resulting in nice full smile.

Crossbite and impacted/unerupted teeth

LHbefore 100LHafter 100

Crossbite in anterior and posterior and impacted/unerupted teeth.  Patient treated with expansion to nice full smile without removal of any teeth.